About Us

Reasons to Join Impact Boxing

We offer a clean, modern, professional boxing gym. At our gym we not only get you in the best shape possible by combining scientifically proven techniques with an old school mentality. Here are some reasons why you may want to choose us:


  • Low membership fees
  • Convenient location
  • Instruction – Instruction from complete beginners to international professionals.
  • No classes – No large classes. This may seem like a disadvantage, but with numerous trainers on staff at a time, they now have the opportunity to patrol the gym offering experienced 1-0n-1 instruction.
  • Value – We’re open long hours, offering the best value for money and attention to detail possible
  • No Boxercise – We do not offer boxercise and promise that we never will. No gimmicks here.
  • Equipment – Simply, we have invested more in boxing equipment than any boxing club in Canada, no club offers more. We make sure you won’t interrupt your workout waiting for a slow poke to finish on a piece of equipment.
  • Environment – We promote teamwork and a social atmosphere that will help you feel comfortable with your surroundings.

Dress Code:

Shirts, shorts, and/or track pants must be worn inside the gym at all times.

Gym attire must be clean and fresh.

Clean, indoor gym shoes are mandatory.


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