Benefits of Sparring

Why Should Recreational Boxers Consider Sparring?


One thing that we’ve come to learn about recreational boxers that join boxing gyms are they are often misinformed about sparring. It can definitely be intimidating to see, especially if it’s one of your first times walking into a boxing gym, but trust us when we say sparring is very controlled.

Recreational boxers often view sparring as a goal, or “the next level”. This is isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there is some truth to it. For instance, we will never let anyone in the ring with another boxer if we feel that they aren’t 100% ready. No one who has zero experience with sparring is ever “100% ready”, but as long as the two sparring partners are appropriately matched in skill level and size, and they are both comfortable and sparring on a voluntary basis, then we’re looking good.

Once in the ring, it’s not like a typical boxing match where it’s all out for 12 rounds, 3 minutes at a time. Instead, expect lots of interruptions from trainers. After all, sparring is simply practice. So if a trainer notices one or both sparring partners consistently doing something wrong, they will jump in and correct that with the boxer in the ring. Furthermore, there may be various restrictions that force you to focus on particular aspects of your game. For example, “no hooks or uppercuts” is a common practice with us, which allows the boxers to focus more on pure boxing, footwork, and developing boxing intelligence, rather than trying to throw together fancy combinations of 4 or more punches.


Sparring is an insane workout. If you can do 5 intense rounds on the heavy bag, expect to be wiped after one or two round of sparring. This is another reason it is controlled under supervision of trainers. If two sparring partners have different levels of conditioning, this may be a problem later in the session, where one may be too tired and the other isn’t getting the level of practice that they were hoping for.


If you are currently attending our gym or another gym, we encourage you to speak with a trainer about sparring, even if it’s just learning more about it through conversation. It’s way safer than most people think, it’s an amazing workout, it’s probably the best way to refine your boxing skills, and it adds a little bit of an edge to your training that we personally find extremely enjoyable!

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